On this page you can write your own Cluedo mystery stories.

How to Write Your StoriesEdit

  • First, think of a good topic followed by a good mystery.
  • Next, think of a title. Write the title down at the beginning, then start writing your Cluedo mystery. Make sure it includes the usual six suspects (you can add some of your own to make the mystery harder!), and takes place at Arlington Grange, Boddy or Tudor Mansion, and/or another guest's house. Also, write the solution after the story, along with what happened afterwards.
  • After you're finished, read your mystery to yourself and see if it makes sense. If it does, preview it first to see if it's written the way you want, then save it.
  • Finally, look at it one more time and make sure there are no more errors. Then challenge someone to your new Cluedo mystery and see if they can solve it.

You can also edit other writers' stories, not just yours.

Cluedo MysteriesEdit

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